This Home Page offers classes for discerning students of life, curious about learning utilizing the Arts, History and Psychological/Philosophical perspectives with a pulse on the Spiritual. These classes are both in-person conference room (audio only) and written word with personal appointments as consultations if need be.

A light explanation of these classes would be an exploration with a diagnostic goal to both test and tease the limitations lived with a healthy respect for what can come of that lively.

These classes explore embodied limitations as manifestations of the safety needed, the contextualizing both giving a solidified identity, as well as framing reality unnecessarily. The why of both unfolds as the investigative approaches help discover reasonings that just might be out of date or in neglect Then again simple highlighting as an awakening of the semi-conscious, sometimes called twilight zone can move pieces of reality in hold or in need of hold to a better framework of well being.

For instance, self-chosen "wins" that are assumed guaranteed, avoidance of failures in the same presumed guaranteed, then the more unconscious "obvious" limiter realities that are sub-texted as to not even be up for questioning. With guided care in an additionally stimulated environment (these classes!!) optioned potentiated change can occur and does.

As a teacher my availability for individual private consultation is important as part of the enriching, also an important security and safety that hopefully might extend or deepen the experience.

These classes help the student get to know more consciously themselves, working with appropriate needs for changing. Examples of "needs for change" can look like holds that are both conscious and unconscious. Acting as stabilizers, feeds and sometimes tragic specters stopping one's desires to make real or interfering with the dream, that that can quietly soothes, that that can act as a dynamic force of change their life can need a revitalizing if not fix.

Utilizing history, philosophy, art and psychological perspective with the addition of occasional easily understood "psychic anatomy" that gives the spiritualized everyday realities more grist, then offering a different perspective to the quite ubiquitous New Age of modern times.

Required: RSVP phone/text (707) 330-7230 or laurie@lovingandlearninglife.com to assess the correctness of a student's attendance in the group .

Nothing But the Truth

yes, from "The Truth, The Whole Truth and Nothing but the Truth, So Help Me God"

This class is a 2-month study, offered both as Mp3 recorded and written, with some texts giving additional resourcing. The class focuses on autobiography as a gifting.

The course utilizes 2 albums and one particular book with, then the associative relationships. These being other resources varying in history, mythologies and the ever present now as references to personal story.

The class will explore autobiography as both a creation for the creator, as well as autobiography for the sake of a reader or listener.

To experience a real life relatability then, experiencing both perspectives as a potentially personal inspiration, with the conversance of involvement peaking vital interest can take another's story to a significant contribution to a larger world with the reader, listener student there too.

Many autobiographies or thought to be autobiographies have a particularly powerful in-common that floats as a possible intrigue, sometimes creating a gravitas feed that takes the work to a point of impact guiding the reader or listener away from fear interpretations that translate to vacuous that makes fatuous. That detour from a prospective mundanity that given_ common parlance easy enough_ can be powerful enough to have one miss a rescue then, with this class' goal to help the student wake to the detour the richer experience can be partaken.

Keep in mind private sessions with me are available for questions and answers with my encouragement that the student records the session.

Free Time

Free Time can be an intimidating reality. Free time as a challenge for intellectual pursuant, as a potential welcoming committee for entertainment, fill-ins and vulnerabilities that can strike terror in the best of actualizing know-how. Free time that holds promise for the dreamer, that gives the associations of life a loose that can reconfigure if courage prevails.

Inundated by sell, translations that promise a stave off from boredom that could grow to depression many buy into "courage" that is not their own. This class will be working with the balancing act called Free Time.

Word Association

Word association is quite a precise world, personal associations in a sublimely* cared for by another's proxied attaching.

The "another" is not an "other" as recognized authority, nor a simple majority rule, inarguably there....instead, it is tangential, a sort of there as a sum up short cut, sometimes "cute", sometimes ominous except for the pal up making it tidier than it is, sometimes pronounced or reminded it is there by strong events. As much as the asking as a find would be "what is the first thing that comes to your mind?" or "what is the first thought that comes after...?'

What is associated is not necessarily from your mind as much as what pops out of your mouth. True to the first question "it" is a "thing" and in a preservation that tides one over tough times as well as waits in an actively participatory state-even if going in circles!-yet with the challenges of enlivening "it" to be free when its safety and freedom need that fix or the detaching of these associations are a necessary sever for a healthful get-it-on with life become a prescient what a time of greater growth can be.

This class will be working with:

I Love You

Dante’s Inferno

A modern perspective on what amounts to a brilliant farce on location: Hell

As historically loaded with characters that have urging to have a contemporary reader look into history, Dante created it as a timeless personal masterpiece too, hence part of The Divine Comedy.

This class will explore potent meanings within without getting too hot from it or too hot for it given the seduction of Dante’s life story can be a pusher too.

Meditation techniques that have been taught as my curriculum are a requirement, if interested in taking this class a written tutorial can be provided with any in-person on the phone follow-up.

These classes will offer Adjunct classes sent by email with, in addition by text resourcing as a richer addition. A personalized psychic reading that helpfully will advice for a good transformational and growthful experience.

Dante's Purgatory

This class will be a deepening on the one hand and a jaunty journey given a contemporary relatable curriculum is needed whether the student took Dante's Inferno or not.

Dante's Inferno is not required although the student should understand that Dante's revolutionary Comedy took "hm" with a deceased poet, Virgil through all parts of Hell as interpreted by Dante, quite different than the Hell anointed by the Biblical scholars of the time as well as now.

Keep in mind the Bible is in 3 parts which gives Christianity a squeezed of stability yet a, to be delicate billowy fat that Revelations just can not resolve.

Dante's Inferno 33 Canto has been massively changed in my Wikipedia "version".

As a teacher that might want to reference it and other sections as touching stones of contemplative new translation by this class' additions and perspective I must hesitate and simply reference in accuracy that Dante's 33 Canto was conceived as a way out of Hell.

Not because he was Dante, in fact because he experienced his Hell bound in a conscious state, not fixed simply understood.

Quite revolutionary against the backdrop of the Christianity of his time and now as many a version of trappings in debt have a lifetime of punishment never revelation as justice.

Dante's next venture being Purgatory with Virgil and later Beatrice might have some resonance for many given the "steps" to a possible forgiveness that would let heaven in by a lifetime's understanding or after death the un-optioned Heaven.

In this class Emily Dickinson will be companioned by the erstwhile and sage as of now Nicholas Cage.

As they climb the Cantos together encounters of many a kind will be in a potential wellness of learning as Dante's original gave.

For instance, the question of "What's Eating Gilbert Grape" may finally get answered!

Dante's Purgatory is a written class sent by email. Each class will cover steps in a fashion that has the student encounter relational dynamics between them. It can be "joined" at any time given it is written and sent directly to the student.

These classes will offer Adjunct classes sent by text with, in addition by text for a richer addition. A personalized psychic reading that helpfully will advice for a good transformational and growthful experience.

RSVP, with possibly a quick consult for tentative students that might be concerned the rub of a learning could be too abrasive. Understandable given religion, so embedded in cultures around the world commonly fester underground as influencers of personal ethos.

Dante's Paradiso

Nicholas Cage and Emily continue 'up', yet impromptu dialogue with 'yours' sometimes truly, St Peter have the duo in a philosophic 'care of' the love of wisdom given that 'english word' (Dictionary) has dumped theological realms from its vernacular. This explorative does have St Peter wanting a 3 some, hummmm his dirty old man reputation that 86s without ever having to say "no" just might be more than a reputation. There is much to accomplish, for instance trying to square the circle with Folk dance not to keen on that aspect given the cowboys are bored, in a chew stupor that might mean a wake up brawl bettering the fighting Irish and Heaven can wait, yet Dante's Paradiso would rather banjo than harp.

This class is available with the stipulation the student has first taken Dante's Purgatory.

2 written emails and a text of recommended resources, plus a reading sent by text and availability for questions and answers by this teacher.

Vermeer, Taken

Originally, this class was planned as one where Vermeer would be used as an example of a historically astute Artist that had an intent to protect and nurture a potential experience of personal explorative intelligence, as well as make a political stance as a consistent throughout his work that was profoundly sensitive and risky in doing, certainly for his time. My knowledge base from many decades of experiencing his art as well as others and certainly enough to teach this class had the tip of the iceberg kind of jettison for more, yet as other instances through these last 15 yrs have proven to pan out inaccuracies in researching in what amounted to a circular confused, there I was again...for instance, using Wikipedia. Earlier noting a “version” of “The Girl with the Pearl Earring” was, even if “she” was cut out of the whole painting did not at all jive with the original, to be fair at that time I assumed it was a rendering or refabrication for a particular sum up of meaning enhancement. Not so, with researching using Wikipedia having not only that painting but a new "Dark period" discovered that had such ridiculous brush strokes and ogre-like images that this seemed perfect for the altogether example of this class offering: hence “Taken”.

Vermeer, Taken 2

In this class exploring the possible intents of history changers that might take stock in being do-gooder revisionists that have not the visionary sensitivity of understanding which, if any would be precarious expressed realities to subsume and make anew. That lack of sensitivity then has vulnerabilities that can not leave the anew alone and instead secure rights of attachment that disallow art, instead create strictly propaganda. These classes will offer Adjunct classes sent by email with, in addition by text resourcing as a richer addition. A personalized psychic reading that helpfully will advice for a good transformational and growthful experience.

Opposing Opposites

Duality, Dichotomy and relative thresholds of measurement are daily encounters. Their observance, if not negotiating needs seem of little drama. For instance the daily occurrences can have a redundancy that has power of the interactive exchange a seeming slight matter, a trivial decision-making need fulfillment and/or a perceived ease, when in actuality those encounters are higher drama potentials if not reals that go unnoticed instead of on notice. The higher drama can be described in many ways with this class introducing ideas to re-perceive, reconfigure or gain diversification in perspective mining the daily powerful potentials that might gain one access to new life.

Art as a Force of Nature

These classes will be exploring in detail what many times is spoken of, without acknowledging directly as a force of nature.

Many a heated complex argument without reference to the physical, there again given-in seemingly to the simple physical, or religious beliefs made as real as any 5 senses, the discussions are beset in acrimony, a tangle of mismanaged emotionalism that by trying to give fit where possibly it can not ever be, certainly can cause hurt, harm and otherwise make a "taking sides" that isolates, not allowing a passion in pursuit to light the way.

The force of nature has many an iteration in various worlds of the scientific, socio-political, religious and psychological. These worlds do seem to co-mingle, then again collide.

From what I can tell the confusion in that heated acrimony with many a “fix” that, in actuality may get in the way further, compounding the trouble rather than alleviating it, resides inside in what much of the time is a limbo deliberation.

Sometimes their collision meet in temporary agreement and shared struggle with a flush of new found glow that stays or buries itself in some semi-awakened state with the possible promised joy turned to an honest grieving that needs a found.

These classes will be exploring as an investigation-a quest to discover—the force nature that is a recognizable.  Starting with what would be deemed "the consequences" and then with a surprised about face, a backward different than hindsight work the learning warmer, more understandable as a fuller spectrum imagining that makes a journey more reasonable, more sensible and by that a navigation that can be had by Art.

The classes offered will be utilizing a kind of Art appreciation to delve deeply in a safe togetherness exploring the possible Force Of Nature that moves each of us individually and collectively with a freedom in creativity that also lives in the rules of responsibility when even in a questioning, debate or revolt that would seem diminishing in returns rather than as creative expectations would hold: productive.

Many an Art form has the ability to ask questions without any personalized answer. In this way Art, as a tool for thinking and feeling around the more difficult complexes that sometimes find themselves in a state of purgatory-like stall to learning can tease out to erupt into consciousness better ways to understand and live with the very powerful forces that are.

Art as a Force of Nature Functionary

In this class we will be working with Music in everyday life as well as the more extraordinary special circumstances that have music be friend, bedazzle and in a bit more frightening way bewitch us. This getting to us, getting in us and as it turns out circumventing the thick thought and emotions tangled into what are serious matters of origins have its way just as what our fears might more than imagine force of nature to be.

Art as a Messenger for Force of Nature

In this class we will be working with the Visual Arts, both still and moving as intermediaries between that which is to what comes, By that bounce as a to and fro new pathways to get by, get around and work with a get to know with less judgment, more discerning inquiry and a braver lived in can happen.  With music as a teaser, as if in what seems to be an escort "messenger" like what the visual taking one thereness is can get masked. Unmasking and exploring the visual worlds--that certainly have sight with sound included--should be quite a ride.

Sent by email as a written word thought evocative missive-like class as a beginning initiator; then a follow up private phone consultation Q & A, with advised listening and viewing of Art.

A psychic reading is included which has the student gifted the particulars that can many times be gotten more easily by another. This teacher would recommend recording the consultation given the sometimes rollicking intellectual ride.

RSVP for this Series with this scheduling a reasonable calendared reception for each part.

All these classes will have recommended listening and viewing beforehand and after class. Keep in mind they are only recommended as your ideas for yourself may be in fruition, an enthused new bloom that might prove better treasure.