About Laurie Schryver

Laurie has been a full time practicing psychic since 1977.

Her main influences besides the individual blossoming and development by way of natural humanness, have been the training from Lewis Bostwick a teacher of psychic development, the philosophies Martin Buber, Viktor Frankl and many theoretical philosophical approaches to understanding reality and change.

These studies have been in the realms of Western philosophy, Aesthetics, and Culturalism with an emphasis on the sociological outcomes easily found in Art.


The advantages of international travel as an added education, an extra realism [sometimes hard put for a psychic] with an additional moved to humility has made for a richer, more sensitive life lived with a two-feet-on-the-ground sort of earthy resourcefulness that having extra years worth benefit.

Laurie Schryver teaches and counsels, with classes available by phone-in Conference call format.

Readings and Healings, De Programming sessions and Private Classes are provided by audio-phone calls, FaceTime, email or text.

Miami, Florida is both home/office

Business trips ideally made for maximum benefit in scheduling and in-person attentativeness to clients and students.

Miami influenced!
Miami influenced!

Laurie Schryver Can Be Reached At:


1(707) 330-7230
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By Contribution means payment in any amount and in any currency: money or trade (trade being "in service" in any form) and to whomever you would want to give to.

This Contribution can be made anytime before or after the session or class. This is in respect to you and what you are worth in the dearest, deepest and strongest way.